Matt Lupton


Matt Lupton's life goal of conquering a small tropical island and installing himself as high ruler and potentate had recently fallen far behind schedule, and he had to take a look at alternate career plans.

"So I decided I'd try the comedy rock band bit," he says from his house in Colorado Springs. "Once I get rich doing that, then Antigua or Guam or one of those little tiny islands had better watch out.  Cause I'm comin'."

Co-lead singer and rhythm guitarist for the band, Matt spends most of his time writing new material, and practicing his "rock star sneer" in the mirror.

"I have to get that down pat," he says. "To make it in this business, you gotta have the right attitude.  If I don't bark orders at roadies and give out petulant commands to everyone I come in contact with, I'll never be a real rock star. Now howzabout you get me a glass of freshly squeezed kumquat juice, rodent lips?"

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Matt met fellow band member Dan Hedges at Mitchell High School in the mid-1990's, where they became fast friends.

"Dan and I basically share the same brain, which makes for great joke and song writing," Matt says. "And the fact that I'm so much better looking than Dan really helps me stand out when we're on stage."  Matt also has no reservations in revealing his feelings about the band.

"I love what the band stands for in a political, socially conscious sort of way," he says.  "When you look at the depth of our music, it's not just about farts and crazy people run amok.  It's also about the search for inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.  Crap like that."

Matt grew up in Colorado Springs, where he currently resides with his extra-hot wife and clearly brilliant year-old son.  His real job as an Art Director helps keep him humble, and also allows him to alter photos and draw cartoons for a steady paycheck.