Fuzzy Carrot Nipples announce tour date for Austin, TX

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Matt 'n' Dan Press, AUSTIN, TX -

Entertainment insiders were shocked to learn today that comedy-rock sensation the Fuzzy Carrot Nipples have extended their world rock tour to include a date in Austin, Texas.

"We have always enjoyed exposing new audiences to our unique blend of music and gut-splattering comedy," said Dan Hedges, vocalist and lead guitarist for the group. "Naturally, we could not resist bringing our show to the good people of Austin,"

"Not to mention the bad!" added guitarist/singer Matt Lupton. "Let's face it: they're our target demographic."

The Fuzzy Carrot Nipples' Brazen Marketing Ploy World Tour will roll into town on Saturday, April 30, at 7:30 pm. The show will take place at the Josh Toub Fairgrounds in the exclusive Milwood Estates.

"We considered such venues as the Austin Music Hall, Antone's, and La Zona Rosa," said Lupton, "but we soon discovered that they don't have hot tubs."

The show is expected to be very well-attended.

"In addition to our many fans in Austin, we expect approximately 95% of our Colorado fans to make the commute," said Hedges. "We're like the Grateful Dead. They will be known as the Nippleheads."

Critics of the group have clamed the term "World Tour" should not apply, since it only includes two cities, both in the United States. The musicians disagree.

"The term 'World Tour' is entirely accurate," said Hedges. "Had we scheduled any venues outside the Earth's atmosphere, then we would need a new moniker. But we are not currently planning an interplanetary rock tour until 2048."

"Though our schedule may be accelerated if the Xanadiaperinians return," added Lupton.

Fans are expecting a high-energy performance.

"We don't view this as just another stop in a two-city tour," said Lupton. "It's more than that. This show is a major steppingstone in our ultimate quest for world domination."