Fuzzy Carrot Nipples confirm radio appearance

Friday, January 31, 2003

Matt 'n' Dan Press, COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. - A momentous week for the less-than-famous comedy band Fuzzy Carrot Nipples was capped today with the confirmation of the duo's first-ever live radio appearance on local radio station Classic Rock 98.1 KKFM.

After sending in a few songs to the "Big Ass Freakshow" morning show at the station, co-founder and rhythm guitarist Matt Lupton received the surprising news that not only had some cuts from the band's record been played, but that no one had threatened lawsuits or gunplay if the songs were to air again.

"In fact, they actually got some people calling in to request our stuff," Lupton said with a raised eyebrow. "It's like we're a real band or something."

"I must say I'm very excited," said co-founder and lead guitarist Dan Hedges, from his office in Austin, Texas. "It just proves that deep, insightful, melody-laden music cannot compete with flatulence sound effects and electro-shock therapy."

Fuzzy Carrot Nipples is slated to appear from 5:30 - 9:00 am MST on February 28, and will be performing a live set from their "Embrace the Insanity" CD.

"We'll be sure to play the songs that most of our fans will recognize," said Lupton from his office in Colorado Springs. "I wouldn't want to disappoint Mom after all."

Following the radio show appearance, Fuzzy Carrot Nipples will take the stage Friday night at Rum Bayin downtown Colorado Springs with the stars of the Big Ass Freakshow for their first-ever public concert in the city.

"We are expecting no less than the mother of all live performaces," said Hedges. "And while we don't expect it to change our long-term goal of world domination, it will definitely accelerate the timetable."